ProMed, a Cross-Platform Enterprise Application Package for Clinical Data Management and Analysis.

ProMed Application Suite designed to support rapidly growing Healthcare Data Management needs.

We Care, Care Providers

ProMed Application Suite can help clinics and hospitals to organize and streamline operations as well as provide a better experience for patients and care providers. ProMed is an integrated system for everything from scheduling to billing. ProMed Application Suite facilitates tracking and analyzing hospital-level data to facilitate decision-making. It is a “single source of truth” that captures the activities and outcome.

5th Generation ProMed code named as ProMed5 is a complete cloud based EMR/ EHR of our earlier version of desktop based application ProMed. ProMed5 has all features of ProMed with additional compliance to interoperability standards including FHIR.

ProMed a complete and innovative hospital management system adaptable to the needs of the care providers. Adaptabe to a Single Doctor Clinics, Nursing Homes and any sized Hospitals, designed to be customizable to each organizations workflow and policies. ProMed as a hospital management system develops industry's standard framework, unmatched flexibility and modularity, which help healthcare providers offer excellent care, reduce health and safety risks, increase patient throughput and improve resource utilization.

The ProMed can be used to keep up with patient records, laboratory test results, radiology results/images, ultrasound results/images and other important clinics documents information over cloud. It helps to improve patient flow and reduce wait times which results in a better experience for patients. ProMed also helps hospitals identify errors that have been made, which reduces risk of complications or re-admissions from happening again in the future. ProMed makes it easy to share information between departments so that there is no need to repeat tasks or spend hours on phone calls trying to coordinate everything.

ProMed enables Clinics or Hosptials to offer pre-integrated Patient Portal, Android and iOS Mobile Applicaiton which allows Patients to perform Self Registration, Booking regular face to face Appointments, Booking Telemedicine Appointments, Payments, Access Laboratory, Radiology and Ultrasound Records, other Clincial Records and join video consultations.


Customer Portals for Online Appointments


Integrated Video Consultation


Userfriendly Entry and View Screens


Patients Vitals Analysis before medication


Department Specific Exmaination


Multiple Doctor Schedules

ProMed Applicaiton Suite focus on ten areas to increase performance and improve patient care:

  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Care Coordination
  • Patient and family satisfaction
  • Compliance and regulatory
  • Workflow standardization
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Patient-centeredness
  • Innovation
  • Google Play

    Overview of ProMed Application Suite Modules


    • Provision to capture patient vitals
    • Template based ePrescription with configurable for each doctor or departments
    • Medicine search with generic
    • ICD-10 Coding
    • Provision to order Procedure, Investigation from prescription
    • Provision to mark review reminders
    • Department Specific Examination & Charts
      ICD-10 Codes: ~12.2K


    • Automatic barcode after sample collection based on sample type and test method
    • Configurable workflow starting from Sample collection
    • Custom template
    • Auto range detection
    • QR Code in reports for 3rd Party verification
    • Interface ready supports HL7, ASTM, DICOM, FHIR standards
    • Tests with fields and range: ~17K


    • Customizable Clinical Records including consents, Operative Notes, etc.
    • Supports Macro based templates for quick documentation
    • ICD-10 Coding
    • Supports Department wise or doctor wise templates
    • Provision to upload patient documents
    • Imaging
    • Number of unique Patients served: ~1.8 Million


    • Supports Multi level stores and Pharmacy
    • Supports Centralized Purchase, Distributed Sales and Returns
    • Medicine ageing
    • Tracking of Fast and Slow moving goods
    • Comprehensive centralised database of medicine with generic and other properties
    • Medicine Database: ~250K


    • Order Appointments, Procedures, Investigations, Medical Health Packages, Surgical Procedure, Miscellaneous Items etc.
    • Automatic billing of Room and Nursing Charges based on IP Admission records
    • Provision for scheduling
    • Calander for care providers
    • Delivered lab reports in last 1 year: 812K


    • Automated Notification and Messaging via eMail, SMS and WhatsApp
    • Daily Digest Message for Doctors
    • Appointment Reminders for Patients
    • Daily Collection reports to Management
    • Investigation Reports Notification for Patients
    • Customizable Weekly & Monthly Digest
    • Message Distribution: ~650K


    • Intake and Output Recording
    • Vitals Recording
    • Vitals and Fluid Balance Charts based on Recordings
    • LabNetX Integrated Lab Equipments: ~68


    • Insurance for Out-Patient and In-Patients
    • Automatic rate card for each billable items based on Insurance
    • Insurance Outstanding & Collection Reports
    • Total Video Consultations: 1810K Seconds


    • REST APIs for 3rd Party Application Interfacing
    • APIs for Mobile Applications
    • APIs for Investigation reports
    • APIs for Appointments booking and Payment
    • Integrated Apps: ~186